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Lip Enlargement

Lip Enlargement

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Wanna Take your throat game to the next level or be visually creative with that mouth? introduce Your Partner to Sex Slave Silicone Lip Enlargements for erotic fun and stimulating fun. Create an erotic stimulating visual for your partner that will have them overwhelmed with anticipation! These lip enlargements combine aesthetic lip augmentation, facial toning, and muscle exercise all in one. With this product, you can get your desired shapely lips while also improving overall oral fitness, as it works to tone the muscles of your mouth and face and increase your ability to give a deeper oral experience. Let your partner hit the back of your throat and snatch their soul in the process! Stimulating erotic fun is not the only advantage to these Lip Enlargements. They can also reduce wrinkles and improve your skin's look and feel. Make a statement with instantly fuller lips that last all day long with the Sex Slave Silicone Lip Enlargements as well as creating erotic moments with your partner.



Product Description: Material: Silica Gel, Color: Black, New Pink, Flesh Pink, Big Red

Package Include:1 *Lip Enlargement: Privacy Guaranteed

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