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Inkless Baby Print Kit

Inkless Baby Print Kit

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Welcome to the new age of meaningful and convenient parenting! With The Inkless Baby Foot and Handprint Kit, you can capture adorable impressions of your baby’s tiny little hand and footprints in an easy and safe way. Crafted with patented mineral-based powder technology, this non-toxic mess free ink pad ensures that your baby’s delicate skin remains unharmed during prints. To use it, all you need to do is gently place your baby’s foot or hand on the ink pad facing down. Then carefully remove them to create precious memories during each growing phase of life. This kit is great for creating pictures in frames, birthday invitations, treasured gifts for family and for keeping Your kids prints in case of emergency for identification .There’s no need to worry about it smudging, as the specially designed white edges will make sure that the prints are clear, and the edges of the prints are sharp. This Kit is great for the whole family to enjoy while creating those special memories.





Dimensions:Inner Frame Size: 9.5x 5.7cmFrame Size: 12.5x 8cm

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