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Titan Massage Smart Waterproof For Women

Titan Massage Smart Waterproof For Women

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Product information:
Material: Silicone/ABS
Size: 26 ᅲ 210 ᅲ 50mm
Weight: 290g
Battery capacity: 2200 mA
Battery Type: lithium battery
Charging time: 3 hours
Maximum continuous use time: 10 hours
Waterproof: life waterproof
Power: 450ma
Vibration mode: 7 modes 1 Burst Mode 5 speeds
Operating Instructions
1. Turn on and off the machine Key (button below): Press it for 1.5 seconds to turn on the blue light (turn on but no vibration)
2. Short Press and click the switch button to be the strongest gear of the first frequency, and then short press to be the weakest gear of the first frequency. There are 5 intensity gears in total. In this way, the cycle has no neutral gear, and the white light is always on when the motor works.
3. Touch slider: Slide up is to increase the intensity, slide down is to weaken the intensity, the intensity slides to the strongest or weakest, can not cycle.
4. Double-click the switch button to switch the second frequency, with a total of 7 frequency cycles without neutral gear.
5. Press the switch button again for 1.5 seconds to shut down, (that is, press the switch button for a long time, click the intensity adjustment, and double-click the frequency change mode).
6. One-click burst: in the power-on state, when you press the one-click burst button to trigger the one-click burst function, release the hand and return to the original loop mode.
7. The charging blue light flashes, and the full blue light is always on. The function of the product does not work when charging. The low voltage flashes and knows to shut down.

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Massager x1

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