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Thickened Food Grade Plastic Reusable Beverage Bag

Thickened Food Grade Plastic Reusable Beverage Bag

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SUMMER is here!! Wash out and clean up the cooler and get ready to spend the day at the beach or the pool. Mix up your favorite

mixed drink beverage or beer then place it in this thickened food grade plastic beverage bag. No more packing the cooler down with bottles.

and cans. Save room in your cooler for other essentials for the day trip to the beach or pool and avoid carrying a heavy cooler to the 

sand. Order multiple beverage bags to carry a variety of your favorite mixed drinks. chilled or frozen drinks only. This beverage bag

comes in a variety of sizes. Small enough for a beach bag or backpack. easy to clean and reusable

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Nozzle bag*1

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