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Milk Box Shape Bottle

Milk Box Shape Bottle

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DO you to the love to host? Well, add This cute Milk Box Shape Bottle to your table set up and decor. It is a one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen, breakfast table, or breakfast bar. It has an eye-catching design that pairs perfectly with any décor and it's sure to add a unique touch to each pour! With its 1 cup capacity, this half pint milk carton style bottle makes just the right amount of milk /creamer for any occasion. Crafted from quality glass material, this mini creamer jug has been built to last and can withstand daily use. The cow udder cup milk cup design was inspired by vintage milk boxes and will bring back sweet childhood memories every time you look at it. Its ergonomic handle is comfortable for any user, making pouring drinks easier form start to finish. Get your hands on this Milk Box Shape Bottle today and make all your drinks special!





Specifications: Size: About 300 ml Heat Resistant: -20 to 180 degrees Microwave oven & dishwasher safe Square bottom for anti-slip

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